Your own my-CashFX website

We are also an independent Account User of Cash Forex Group and have developed the "my-CashFX Website" project for you after consultation with the company.

We offer every Account User the opportunity to have their own personalized my-CashFX website. The following sample shows you what your my-CashFX website could look like.

Sample of the my-CashFX Website

Upgrade your marketing now

This gives you an online marketing tool with your personal contact details for customer acquisition and contacting visitors to your my-CashFX website. With the submission of your ref-link when recommending CFX packs and assigning future partners to your CFX account.

Furthermore, we have integrated a success simulator on the my-CashFX website, which shows your prospects and visitors income situations visually and clearly. And all of this in different languages ​​so that you can expand your CashFX business internationally.

You will also receive your own web address from us and we will take over the entire hosting of the website on our servers.

And all of this without high costs or effort

Included in the price

  • my-CashFX website

  • marketing tools

  • Success simulator

  • PR material & videos

  • compl. Hosting & Domain

  • different languages

Simply fill out the following order form and we will provide you with a personalized my-CashFX website with its own web address after receipt of the one-time installation fee of EUR 99.00. Completely without additional costs such as monthly fees.

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ONE-TIME INSTALLATION PACKAGE All inclusive. without monthly costs or effort.

€ 99 EUR
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